Government changes need to be addressed by all churches and agencies in England re Child protection Policies.

Government DBS website and information

All churches, charities and agencies need to check with their safeguarding provider regarding the changes from CRB to DBS.

CCPAS has produced a comprehensive document detailing what the Disclosure and Barring Service is (previously named Criminal Records Bureau or CRB) and how churches and organisations in England and Wales can obtain disclosure checks on their workers (paid and volunteers) through the CCPAS Disclosure Service. CCPAS is registered as an ‘umbrella body' for this purpose.

What is the DBS? What is a DBS Check? Download document.

Direct link to CCPAS website for all their services:

CCPAS (The Churches’ Child Protection Advisory Service) is an independent Christian safeguarding charity which provides a service for all churches.

Please check you safeguarding policy and bring it in line with the new provisions ...



Jim Currin, 05/02/2013