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Pip Mosscrop writes:

Hope in North East Cheshire (Hope) brings together some thirty-nine churches led by twenty-nine Church Leaders of many denominations in Macclesfield and Bollington and the surrounding villages as a visible sign of the Kingdom working together in Love, Faith and Hope to make a difference for Christ’s sake. 
The Church Leaders of Hope have met the organisers of the The Big Church Day Out (BCDO) on several occasions in the last six months and are enthusiastically involved in promoting the BCDO in their Churches. They recognise that this is a massive commitment, in faith, by the organisers and that Hope is especially blessed to have this wonderful event on its doorstep as 15,000 people are expected to attend!

The Church Leaders recognise that the BCDO provides an opportunity for Christians of all ages and all denominations to encourage their families and friends to get involved in their local Churches, to worship with others in their area, to strengthen their faith, and to be encouraged to be more comfortable in sharing what they believe – all in an atmosphere of fun and fellowship. 
Each Church Leader is promoting the BCDO in a way which specifically meets the needs of each congregation.  Some Churches have Hope/BCDO Champions who encourage those in their Churches to get involved. It is well recognised that this is the first year that the event has been held in the North West and it therefore requires special effort to encourage people of all ages to come and experience it. Hope itself is also providing advice, encouragement and co-ordination as well as the recruitment of the large number of essential volunteers. 

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... and an invitation to attend

The Big Church Day Out gathers Christians from all over the country, of all ages and denominations for a weekend of worship, family fun, music and celebration. This vibrant expression of church unity is enjoyed by thousands of guests every year, and stands as the biggest annual evangelistic event in the UK. Groups and families come from all across the country, bringing many of their un-churched friends and family along as an introduction to church and faith. It is the UK’s largest and fastest growing gathering of the church, expanding to two sites in 2017 at a time when church unity is more of a focus than ever before. Watch the 2016 Highlights video from to find out more!
This year the event is coming North and will be at Capesthorne Hall in Cheshire on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd June.
The Big Church Day Out’s vision for 2017 is one event in two locations - one is Macclesfield as above, the other is in West Sussex earlier in the week 27th and 28th May - with a total on both sites of 45,000 people 'coming together as one big family to worship and to celebrate all that is good'.

All details and how to book for either venue: wwwbigchurchdayout.com

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