The Group is made up of representatives of the Churches, along with a member from Evangelical Alliance and a member from CAFOD. This creates the broadest possible span of theological thinking.


The Groups tasks include:

 ¨        to assist the Churches by ecumenical reflection on their own thinking,
 ¨        to assist the ecumenical instruments in theological reflection, eg in local ecumenical partnerships,
 ¨        to provide the broadest possible context to review national and international dialogues and to consider how they may best be received in the local setting
The Group is aware of the importance of receiving the issues affecting the Member Churches and reporting back to the Member Churches. It is not an erudite discussion group: however, the fact that its members are hearing one another, and doing so in a reasonably deep fellowship, does affect the conversations that go on within Churches.

 Recent agendas have included:

Mary, Grace and Hope in Christ (ARCIC)
Women Bishops in the Church of England
His presence makes the Feast
An Anglican Methodist Covenant
Scottish Churches Initiative for Union
Independent Methodist / Baptist Covenant
Transitivity – Growth in Communion – Anglican Lutheran
Unitatis Redintegratio, 40 years on
Eucharistic Presidency
Sharing Communion – Eucharistic Hospitality
The ‘Supreme Governor’
The Nature of World Communions
The idea of ‘reception’
Mission-shaped Church
Sacred space - multiple use of church buildings in new housing areas
The Consultation on Local Ecumenical Partnerships
Declarations of Ecumenical Welcome and Commitment
Ecumenical Glossary – Quotes words and dates
Good practice guidelines for dialogue

Charta Oecumenica
WCC Relations with the Orthodox
The Holy Spirit in the Pentecostal Tradition
Receptive Ecumenism - paper from David Cornick July 2014