Ecumenical Notes - papers to help churches work together





Shared Buildings



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An ABC of ecu-speak


Emergency Planning

Charity Registration
Charta Oecumenica
Useful Literature

Local Covenants 
Insurance for Churches Together groups

Sharing Holy Communion

Sharers, Guests or Tenants?

Between the Local and the National


Shared Buildings

Sharing Buildings Informally

Model Sharing Agreements for Anglican or Methodist buildings

URC expectations in a SCLEP

Use of Roman Catholic Buildings by other Churches

Regular inspection

Visiting Ecumenical Situations



What is an LEP?
Single Congregation LEP Constitution

Worship in an LEP
Induction of an LEP Minister
Appointment in Covenanted Partnerships

Baptists - pastoral care

Prison Chaplaincy

Healthcare Chaplaincy

Education LEPs

Role of Sponsoring Body








Employment of Ecumenical officers


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Only one church in a village?



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Job Description for Salvation Army EO

Job Description for Roman Catholic EO

Job Description for URC EO

CEDO Contract of Employment

CEDO Appointment Guidelines

CEDO Conditions of Service



Together instead of Separately

Local Ecumenical Living

Marriage Preparation

Sharing our Spiritual Treasures

Gifts from the Treasure Trove

Worshipping Together

Worship at Ecumenical Occasions

Visiting Ecumenical Situations

Charity Registration for Local Churches Together Groups

Churches Together in Pilgrimage

Other useful literature


Declaration of Ecumenical Welcome and Commitment

Code of Practice

URC guidelines
Catholic guidelines
Baptist guidelines
Anglican declaration
Catholic declaration
Baptist declaration

Methodist declaration
URC declaration



National Ecumenical Officers


County Ecumenical Officers


Records and Archive