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Here you will find items of news. This is not comprehensive as we do not have the capacity to record all aspects of news relating to 'church in new housing areas'. We will post news items that we think are most helpful to local church leaders, and particular items suggested by members of our network.


If you have news items to suggest, contact Jim Currin from the 'Contact' window on the main page for new housing or email jim.currin(AT)


Items will chiefly be headlines and web links for brevity and immediate follow up.


The latest news item is at the top:

Community Room website from Rev Rosie Tallowin, community pastor, New Braiswick, Colchester
Link added 26.03.13

East of England Faiths Council report: Faith in New Developments: Partnerships, People and Places
November 2012

Churches Joint Public Issues Team statement re Housing Crisis and Report 'More Bricks and Mortar'
Oct 10th 2012

Minister makes speech to the Commons 27.03.12.

Greg Clark, the Minister for Decentralisation and Planning gave the dspeech which you can read here.  

London Churches Group, Housing Justice and Z2K Report on London Housing.  
13th June 2011

New Housing / Development Areas: CofE meeting Jan 14th 2011. by Ian Chisnall

Feb 1st 2011


Government paper: Regeneration and Growth, including re New Housing

Jan 30th 2011


Local housing volatility: a report from the Joseph Rowntree foundation.

Jan 10th 2011


Planning Aid in discussion with Government about new future possibility.

Jan 10th 2011


Planning Aid: a statement about the future of Planning Aid beyond 31st March 2011.

Dec 3rd 2010

Jim Currin, 28/01/2011