2014 Strategy for CTE beach family

A review of various key factors led to an agreed strategy for the onging work of Churches Together in England from 2014. These key factors included:
  • The number of member churches which increased from 14 - 42 (since CTE began in 1990)
  • Including major Pentecostal denominations and several smaller networks of churches
  • And denominations shaped by paticular ethnic background
  • Raising questions about how a wider spectrum of churches relate to each other
  • Recognising changes in 'Churches Together' and how many groups are engaged in action and mission eg Food banks and Street Pastors
  • Seeing the need for fresh theological reflection on all of the above.
The response to this review has been to recognise a 'three-legged stool' strategy that explores the following three elements:
  1. Relationships
  2. Action for mission
  3. Theological reflection
In Churches Together in England we are exploring how this strategy relates to
  • purpose and work streams
  • office and staff structure
  • funding and further development
One outworking of the 2014 strategy is the new structure of this CTE website, reshaped to include new resources relating to the strategy.

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