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In a town or city suburb churches often group together to strengthen their witness to the local community. Such groups are where most people express their ecumenical relationships.  They should not be just another church organisation for those who 'are keen on that sort of thing.'  The question is which decisions should the churches be making together instead of separately.

Many such groups are long-standing. Some have a Covenant relationship to which local church leaders commit themselves publicly. Some are very active in united prayer and worship and social action, like Street Pastors or Foodbanks, while others might focus on the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and/or Lenten study groups.

There are 2,500 'Churches Together' groups in England, in all sizes of village, town, city and region. It would be difficult keeping an up to date list of all of them, with reevant contact details, so please see if a local group exists from a specific web search. Some local groups of Churches Togetehr have taken up the offer of a micro website with www.ctbi.org.uk. These are listed: http://www.churchestogether.org/

The following links may help, especially as many of the county groups have a website with local contacts listed. To find out details of a Churches Together Group local to you, contact the County Ecumenical Officer.

Our colleagues at Churches Together in Britain and Ireland have a new list of local and regional groups, which may include your area.

New unity networks for mission have been coming together over recent years, and the Evangelical Alliance have coordinated the network and produced a website called 'We Gather' which you can see @ http://www.wegather.co.uk/

Insurance for Local Churches Together Groups


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Churches Together Groups and the Charity Commission

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