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Rev Mark Gilborson, Cranbrook, in the news

News of Gloucester Project

Report from 19.06.13 Guests

Faith in NHA's Report EEFC

 Introduction: Challenge and opportunity
 Top ten tips for local church leaders
 Resources for local churches
 News from the network
 Report from Yeovil
  + UPDATE 31/01/13
 Story from Stephen Plumb

NHA projections in Diocese of Chelsmford 
Rev Mark Gilborson in Cranbrook in the news


Baptist doc re new churches / projects
CofE doc re new housing and ecumenism
Heard in MK - report from visit
'More than Bricks and Mortar' report
6 models of Ch / NHA's PowerPoint

Listening to NHA pioneer ministers

Cambridgeshire Horizons Research

Faith in New Developments Nov 2012

CofE re £7.25m investment in NHA's


twitter-bird-blue-on-whiteTwitter: Local Authorities, new developments, consultations often
have a twitter feed. We follow: @DCLG, @MarkPrisk #neighbourhoodplanning
@Insidehousing, @Housingjustice etc

Minister for Housing's blog


The Planning process
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  The Churches Group
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 National Planning Policy Framework

Local Government Information Unit
 Planning Aid - for community groups
 Planning explained
 Neighbourhood planning advice
 Community Knowledge Hub
TUC 'Localism' + neighbourhood planning 
 Stories of Neighbourhood Planning from DCLG


 History of the Churches Group for NHA's
Who we are 
What we do
Group Reports and Papers

Meeting the Minister for Housing

June 19th pioneers / networkers


 Contact the group secretary
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nside Housing -- news and reports
 Housing Justice - churches / housing
Baptist / Methodist / URC - JPIT
Local Government Information Unit

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