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Churches Together in England

                A visible sign ... deepening communion ... sharing the Gospel together ... making connections



2014 changes @ CTE



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After extensive preparation
various changes are taking place in CTE which you can read about:

Priorities, staff, and office
CTE relationship with FCG
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Latest articles

Tantur Journey of Reconciliation
a tour to the Holy Land fully funded by the British Trust for Tantur. (Author: )

Passiontide and Easter Message from the CTE Presidents
For enquiries about Easter (Author: )

Archbishop Justin licenses Canon Phil Potter at Lambeth Palace
The licensing service took place at Lambeth Palace on Wednesday 2 April (Author: )

Replica John's GospelĀ 
To offer at WWI anniversary events (Author: )

Press Notice: Cranks or heroes? Uncovering the cost of conscience
A Press Release from the Society of Friends (Author: )

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