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Torch Survey

Torch Trust Survey

In Britain, around 2 million people live with debilitating sight loss – that's almost 1 in 30!

There will be many people experiencing sight loss in your community.

What are their most pressing needs? Many live lonely lives. How can you befriend them? Where do they figure in the church's outreach? And if they did start coming to your church how will they get there? How will they meet people? What service literature will they be offered?

For over 50 years Torch Trust has provided Christian resources and activities for blind and partially sighted people.

Torch Trust can help your church 'be there' for people in your community with sight loss and also to be a church that is truly accessible to all.

In order to do this, Torch Trust would like to understand how best to help you and your church. They therefore would like your help in completing a short survey. Torch Trust will keep all responses securely– they will be combined with other responses and the information used to develop services for your church and others. If you enter your contact details, you will not be identified in any reports published.

We understand just how busy church leaders are. So we do thank you for your time and especially for the invaluable insight you give by answering this questionnaire.

For church leaders with sight loss, this questionnaire can be made available in accessible formats or completed over the phone. For either option call 01858 438260.

We appreciate your willingness to complete this survey. To participate in the survey  -  click here





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