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Sister Diane Reynolds is the co-ordinator of the worship group that have already convened several times. The group comprises of seven people each contributing their different gifts whether they be musical, artistic, liturgical or visual as well as technical.
The Worship is being co-ordinated by Sister Diane Reynolds. Music will be led by Teresa Brown, Geoff Weaver and Noel Robinson, and the artistic talents of Constantina Wood, Jackie Hale and John Roberts will provide an inspirational backdrop to each day’s worship. 
In the planning of the worship the desire of the group is hopefully to weave the ‘worship’ using prayer, music, art and reflection in and out of each of the day’s sessions, focusing on the text of the Forum  1 Corinthians 12 and 13 so that worship becomes an integral part of the whole forum,  and not an addition!  Working in this way is quite a challenge to the worship group, as they come from different Churches and traditions and seek to include a variety of ways of expression of those that will be present at the Forum.  Each day will of course begin and end with coming together in prayer in a variety of ways.   
On the Wednesday afternoon, the musicians invite all those who wish to share the Gift of Music for an hour in the Chapel (Please bring instruments!) and at the same time there will be the possibility to share the gifts of Creativity (in the Derbyshire Suite) with Constantina Wood.
On the Wednesday evening the Worship group are also preparing a Vigil  - opening our Prayer to the wider world, looking at the local, national, and international needs.   This vigil will be split into three parts using the text of the forum on the themes of :   ‘The Body of Christ’ – ‘The Diversity of Gifts’ – and ‘The Greatest Gift is Love.  



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