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>>> Update 31/01/13 PowerPoint Presentation at CT in Somerset AGM <<<

Rev David Keen is a minister in Yeovil working with the new housing developments. He reports:
Our district council is in the middle of producing the planning strategy up to 2028, and is proposing an 'eco town' of 2500 homes on the edge of Yeovil. They commissioned a piece of work on infrastructure provision, to form the basis of new guidance on community halls, open space etc.
The study quotes the Cambridge Horizons report on faith facilities, and recommends a 0.5 hectare plot of land for 'faith infrastructure' be put into the masterplan for the eco town.
The report is at
and the faith section is p28-29. I don't know how precedent or anything works on these things, but it's a useful thing to have in writing both for the local church, and other churches in Somerset looking at large new developments.
On our church planting project: we now have our first lay 'community missioner' in the first of 3 medium sized estates (2 yet to be built) who is doing well but needs a few more Christians around her. We had hoped to get 3 or 4 households moved in by this stage (300 homes) but just have 1, plus other local Christian families whom we're trying to recruit! Encouragingly, the local Methodist church are bringing in a deacon from this autumn, and want him to live and work on the new estates too, so that may give us some good quality, and full-time, leadership.
David Keen, Yeovil.


Jim Currin, 25/04/2012
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