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Discover Christian England is a web resource to help visitors discover Christian heritage in England.
Covering all denominational traditions, the new website is adding entries.

Suggestions for new web pages can be made through the website which you can see here:

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Filling a massive gap


England has an extensive and rich Christian heritage; evident today in an array of sites arguably unparalleled anywhere else in the world. Yet, prior to 30 May 2012, no single website was solely devoted to the exploration of this stunning inheritance. No website offered a guide to English Christian sites covering all periods from Roman times to the present day, embracing all Christian traditions and denominations. Now such a glaring gap has been filled. 
Discover Christian England
A new website, went live on 30 May. It is methodical and thorough. By means of clear travel details, including postcodes and google maps, concise but informative and stimulating comment, identification of key features and periods and, in many cases, the use of rotating pictures, each of the over three thousand two hundred sites is brought to life. Cathedrals, abbeys, priories, friaries, convents, settlements, churches and chapels, places linked to prominent events in the emerging Christian saga, sites associated with the lives of eminent Christians, standing crosses, holy wells, tithe barns and church houses are covered - in fact any surviving features that have played a part in the English Christian story.
The website is arranged county by county. In style, format and presentation it is reader and visitor friendly, instructive but easily digestible and enjoyable. It allows anyone, whether those travelling to sites or armchair readers, of whatever religious belief or none, to experience something of the thrill of the hunt and the joy of discovery offered by the English Christian heritage. It will increase the potential for such a heritage to be a source of endless pleasure. The new website will also have a facility for searching out particular features, e.g. towers, spires, fonts and wall paintings, for the country as a whole and for all types of buildings or sites, and will thereby encourage a full and focused investigation by those with specialist interests.
Future potential
The website is intended to be lively, interactive, constantly changing and growing. Editorial comments and suggestions for additional sites will be warmly encouraged. By such means the website could greatly expand in the future. Critically, it is also hoped that a national network of co-operating Christians will emerge that will be a channel for promoting interest in the precious English Christian inheritance, and for making known what is going on today. The development of web links with churches will also contribute to the raising of public awareness of the Christian heritage, past and present. The possibilities are enormous.
As at 13 August, there had been 2027 visits to the website, with an average of 10 mins a visit.
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Jim Currin, 22/08/2012
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