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CTE Forum pictures from Chris Dobson

Chris Dobson has given permission for these pictures to be on the CTE website.
You are free to copy and use these pictures with acknowledgement to 'Chris Dobson'.

Forum banner pic large

Bible  Forum 1 Cor 12  Jana and Vincent v2 Teresa  Forum Chris Dobson pic listening  Fo
     Bp Christopher  Forum        Bp Doye  Forum             3400cte logo col lr Forum dialogue
Janet Scott  Forum GLU report  Forum Forum 2012 Bp Doye Sr Diane
Forum lecturn              3400cte logo col Gp report  Listening  Forum
In a work group   Forum worship Bp Doye and Peter Whittakers a Listening  Forum 2
Noel Teresa and Geoff   Forum 2012 Work gp  Forum What seperates us list  Forum
            3400cte logo col     Woven cloth together  Forum Icon of Christ created  Forum             Violin  Forum
If you copy any of the pictures on this page please acknowledge the source as Chris Dobson


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