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As a staff member at CTE, Jim Currin asks all churches in England to promote the resource www.christianity.org.uk for people who want to enquire about Christianity. 

Jim says:

'www.christianity.org.uk is a service provided by the Christian Enquiry Agency, which works on behalf of the churches in England through a partnership with Churches Together in Britain and Ireland / Churches Together in England / Churches Group for Evangelisation. I am a trustee of CEA as Secretary for Evangelisation at CTE.

We encourage all churches in England to use the resources of CEA, especially by advertising the web site www.christianity.org.uk anywhere. We want people everywhere to know about the website and feel free to enquire about Christianity through www.christianity.org.uk.

Just mentioning www.christianity.org.uk on your website, in your magazine, on your church newsletter, on email signatures etc will help everyone in our churches know this is a resource for us all.

The purpose of CEA / www.christianity.org.uk is for people to enquire who may have no prior knowledge or experience of the Christian faith. The website is not primarily for Christians, and neither are some cards we have produced in a campaign to celebrate 25 years of CEA - both are for people to make an enquiry. Behind the scenes there are a group of dedicated people ready to follow up enquiries as they come in on behalf of the churches in England. Please pray for everyone at CEA and cascade this information to all your contacts'.

25 years of the Christian Enquiry AgencyCEA 25 years

The Christian Enquiry Agency is celebrating 25 years of giving free, confidential, reliable information about the Christian faith to anyone who wants to know.

It is marking the anniversary with a campaign inviting people to visit the website www.Christianity.org.uk, and to send for a free, colourful Gospel of Luke in a magazine format.

50,000 postcards have been placed in cinema foyers where they will catch the eye of those who are unlikely to find their way to a church, especially younger people.  Churches are placing thousands more in parent and toddler groups, outreach events and clubs for the community that meet on church premises.

The eye-catching question on the postcard is ‘At what moment in your life did you feel most fully alive?’  The reverse has a challenge: ‘It’s time you found out what Jesus said about life in his own words.’  All people need to do is add their details and send it to a freepost address, or use the QR code to ask for a Gospel.

CEA adNotes to editors:

1.   The Christian Enquiry Agency is an agency of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland.  It represents all denominations and all traditions of Christianity.  It is funded by denominations, trusts and individual supporters.

2. To contact the Christian Enquiry Agency:


FREEPOST WC2947, South Croydon, CR2 8UZ

020 3490 3315          07920 863794

3. The cards are available in bundles of 25.  They come in two sizes – as a postcard and as a business card.  They are free to any church or individual, but a donation is requested to cover postage and packing.

4. Coordinated advertisements are available are available in size 178 x 129mm landscape (pictured) or 88 x 129mm portrait.  Ask for high-definition images from the address above.

A free poster - for every church and hall notice board - is available from www.christianity.org.uk/poster

You can also download a PDF of the poster here.

Word version of the Press Release

PDF of the CEA press Release

PDF of CEA advert

PDF of CEA Postcard

PDF of CEA Business card

Very many thanks to Peter Graystone from Christian Enquiry Agency, member of the Churches Group for Evangelisation. Contact.

Jim Currin is a Church Army evangelist and Secretary for Evangelisation at Churches Together in England: Contact.


Jim Currin, 27/03/2013
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