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Job Description for the appointment of a Salvation Army Denominational Ecumenical Officer (AD/3)

Strategic responsibility

The Denominational Ecumenical Officer (DEO) (who may be an Officer or lay Salvationist) has an enabling, supporting and creative role in serving the (**name of DHQ) and (** name of County or Area) in furthering the aim of encouraging the Salvation Army to work together with other churches and fellow Christians in witness to their common faith in Jesus Christ.

Responsible to and appointed by the Divisional Commander

The appointment to be for an initial period (** of three years) and reviewed periodically by the Divisional Commander.

Responsible for

  • Representing the Salvation Army within (** name of County Area) serving on the Churches Together Intermediate Body Committee/Council, playing a full part.
  • Developing links with other ecumenical and evangelical groups.


Within the Divisional structures and with the Intermediate groups of the ecumenical bodies

  1. To be available (where necessary or appropriate) to advise the Divisional Commander or any group or task force on relevant ecumenical matters.
  2. To relay and receive information to and from the Divisional Commander and his staff of matters where there is ecumenical participation or potential.
  3. To receive minutes of the Territorial Ecumenical Council and make appropriate comment.
  4. To receive the minutes of, and where appropriate, to attend, the Divisional Advisory Council and make appropriate ecumenical observations.
  5. To work with the Churches Together appointed Ecumenical Officer and all Denominational Ecumenical Officers.
  6. To attend relevant county Churches Together meetings.
  7. To represent the Salvation Army’s views and stance on issues of ecumenical concern.
  8. To report to the Divisional Commander on relevant matters concerning the work of the Intermediate Body.

In serving the local situation

  1. To maintain and channel communications between Divisional Headquarters and the local corps/centres.
  2. To encourage and develop closer co-operation with other churches and corps in local situations.
  3. To be a source of advice and information about ecumenical matters from a Salvation Army perspective.
  4. To resource with appropriate material local SA representatives on Churches Together groups.
  5. Subject to the Divisional Commander’s approval and endorsement, to encourage new ecumenical developments of all kinds, including shared worship.


  • Orders and regulations
  • Territorial policy
  • Agreed budgets

Method of evaluation

  1. Periodic assessment by Divisional Commander
  2. Feedback from the Churches Together County Ecumenical Officer

The post requires

  1. Support of, and willingness to promote the Salvation Army
  2. Skills viz:
  • ability to work in an ecumenical setting
  • enthusiasm for ecumenical involvement
  • Understanding and tolerance of attitudes and actions of fellow Christians of other denominations or none.
  1. Knowledge of:
  • SA policy
  • current ecumenical issues

13 May 2019

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