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Thousands of volunteers mobilised to help homeless people

Ahead of the start of the Winter Shelter season in November, Housing Justice launched a new report on Thursday 16/10 which shows the impact that the network of Church and Community Night Shelters is having on homelessness.
The Night Shelter IMPACT Report 2013/14 gathers together more comprehensive data than ever before on how many churches  and volunteers are responding to rising homelessness in their community, as well as how many people are being helped off the streets.
The report highlights that almost 450 Churches, Church Halls, Synagogues and Mosques in 23 London Boroughs offered their premises for use as Night Shelters. 112,300 volunteer hours were mobilised, valued at almost £1.5 million.
1,577 guests (1,303 in London) were offered overnight shelter; 934 had some form of case management support (60% of the total) and 491 were helped to move on to more secure accommodation, a 34% ‘move on rate’.
We were able to gather the best quality data on 1,094 of the guests in the Housing Justice network of Night Shelters in London. Just over 50% were between 26 and 49; over 50% were from the UK, and 27% were from the EEA.  A total of 888 had been street homeless. 332 (approx. 1/3) were ‘new to the street’, and 317 (approx. 30%) had been on the street for more than 6 months.
Housing Justice CEO Alison Gelder said at the launch: “This report busts some of the outdated myths about Night Shelters.  For example, that the people who use them are not really homeless. It also shows what a massive mobilisation of churches, community groups, and volunteers there is, which is definitely something to celebrate”.
“As we present these findings we must ask the question why more and more people are becoming homeless. Night Shelters are part of the answer but not a substitute for safe, secure and affordable accommodation which is no longer available to an increasing proportion of the poorest in our society.”

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