CTE Presidents
sign a Covenant Presidents signing Nov 2014

The Presidents of Churches Together in England meet on a regular basis and each sign a covenant with the other - the text of which can be read from one of the links.


In recent months Billy Kennedy had been appointed by the new churches, Society of Friends and the Lutheran network of churches, who will rotate their appointment of a President. The previous President from this group of churches was Bishop Jana Jeruma Grinberga.

In additon, the Free Churches Group appointed Hugh osgood to succeed the Revd Michael Heaney as their Moderator - a role which includes being one of the CTE Presidents. The Covenant was signed by Cardinal Vincent Nichols on another occasion as he was overseas at the time the above photograph was taken.

The Covenant says what the Presidents believe about being Christians together in common pilgrimage, and they sign to say what they commit and undertake to do together.

For more information see the links below:

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Text of the Covenant


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