Seasons of My SoulSeasons of My Soul

Church of England / Methodist publication

Seasons of My Soul is the result of an Anglican – Methodist project, and is a resource which all churches can use. It explores questions of spirituality and discipleship for the older active person. 
Cofe Comms: Anyone can get old, all you have to do is live long enough
To quote:
Groucho Marks once quipped “Age is not a particularly interesting subject.  Anyone can get old.  All you have to do is live long enough.”
It sometimes seems as if much of the Church has agreed with Groucho – and has not been very interested or focussed on the situation of most of those who are getting older.  In some places there has been excellent work concerned with providing pastoral and spiritual care to those in nursing homes, or  struggling with dementia.  But what about the older people who do not fall into those groups? There are resources galore to stimulate work with children and young people in the church. But though there are some helpful religious writings drawing attention to the spiritual possibilities of the second half of life, there are far fewer materials for groups of older people and individuals to explore issues they face at this stage of life in the light of the Christian faith. It is for this reason that the Church of England and the Methodist Church have worked together to think about these challenges, and have commissioned and shaped the resource ‘Seasons of My Soul’ .  

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