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Joe Aldred, staff member at CTE for Pentecostal and Multicultural Relations, draws attention to this circular about encouraging a wider scope of nominations for the New Year's Honour sytem.

Abdul Ghaffar from DCLG writes:

I am writing to seek your help in identifying suitable candidates for recognition in the New Year's honours list.

The Department for Communities and Local Government is keen to ensure that individuals who are making a significant contribution to public life are properly recognised through the honours system.
However, we recognise that we will not be aware of the work of many high achieving individuals, so we rely on the valuable networks of our partners, such as yours, to help us to identify suitable candidates for Honours at all levels.
It is important that Honours awarded reflect exceptional contributions by individuals from across the full breadth of our society.
Please could you consider whether you know of any suitable candidates in your organisation or in the wider community. We are particularly keen to recognise individuals who have contributed to building integrated communities. Please note that nominees can come from all levels of an organisation; being in a junior role is not a barrier to a nomination. 
All nominations for honours are treated in the strictest confidence. The nominee should not be informed that they have been nominated, as it is not fair to raise expectations in case they are not met.
If you would like to nominate anyone for an honour, please complete one citation form (attached) for each candidate, and return them to me by email at  by 11th March 2015.
Honour system explained

Application Form

Abdul Ghaffar | Integration and Faith Division
Department for Communities and Local Government

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