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for Good Friday 2016 

On Good Friday 25th March 2016 the story of The Passion will be told in hundreds of new and challenging ways in the streets and communities of the UK. There will be music, drama and commissioned art.  We will resource churches to stage public events and exhibitions that will engage their local communities in retelling and responding to the events of the final day of Jesus’ life.The Concept

The last few years have seen a dramatic decline in knowledge of the Bible. Good Friday remains a Bank Holiday, though increasingly shops are open and many people wonder why they’ve been given a day off work. To keep the story of Jesus alive we need to find new ways of telling it in public places.

Throughout the ages Christians have responded to the Good Friday story by commissioning public art or music, or by performing Passion plays. Churches of many denominations still meet together ecumenically through Lent, or mark Good Friday with a combined service, or a Walk of Witness.

ONE FRIDAY is encouraging local inter-church and community groups to do something different in 2016; something unique and public that is specific to their location; something that will engage their community in retelling and reflecting on the story of the Passion of Jesus.

onefridaypic2014ONE FRIDAY will take many different forms. It might be an event in the open-air on Good Friday, or an exhibition in a community venue, or a procession that retells the story in a series of locations. We will be providing a host of downloadable ideas and resources that can be adapted to any setting. The common thread will be the Scriptural Stations of the Cross. At the beginning of Lent each “station” will be assigned to an individual or community group, who will be asked to respond to it through art, music or other forms of creativity. These contributions will be woven together into a unique offering from and for the community.

onefridaypicEvery community expression will be different, but they will be linked by the title ONE FRIDAY in… eg Buxton / Lambeth / Aberdeen. Common branding will enable us to generate national and local media interest. We are seeking endorsement from national church leaders and organisations to make this a truly national and ecumenical event.

Andrew Graystone, the contact/co-ordinator for ONE FRIDAY says, 'What we are aiming at is as many people as possible hearing the Good Friday account, in as many creative ways as possible, and in as many communities as local churches can co-ordinate community groups to engage with the narrative'. 

'In one northern ex-mining area local community groups were given shopping trolleys to become Stations of the Cross, at which part of the Good Friday account was explored and presented. Other towns and villages could chose their own creative way - remember the churches in one seaside town that used beach huts as Stations of the Cross?!' 

'Do start planning now for 2016 and think of churches and community groups that could be involved. We have a website, resources and stories to tell where this has been successfully piloted - we want to capture the community and even media interest in the life of Jesus and its relevance today'.

Download a PDF to discuss and start planning from the website www.onefriday.info.

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