Making Good Sense Making-Good-Sense-of-the-Bible
of the Bible Together

Reading the Bible can sometimes be confusing and some passages can be difficult to understand. So what do you do when you can’t make sense of them?

Making Good Sense of the Bible Together is a six-session introduction to biblical interpretation – ideal for home and study groups as together you dig deeper and explore the Scriptures.  It’s part of the Refocus guides – a collection of group study resources from Bible Society.

This user-friendly resource is ideal for all those who want to build confidence in Bible reading.

With a foreword by Dr Paula Gooder (writer and lecturer in biblical studies) these resources will help you read the Bible with greater understanding, examine the authors’ original meaning, engage with the biblical message and discover what it means to you today.

Each session includes:
  • background notes
  • activities for group and individual reflections
  • Bible study
  • group discussion questions.

Get your copies today from the Bible Society online shop for just £3.99 each.  A free Group Facilitators’ Guide is also available to download.

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