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Did you know that in 2014 just under a quarter of those being referred to the authorities as potential cases of trafficking were from Africa,  a few score more than those referred from Asia.

Startling in the gender division of reporting was that of the five hundred and seventy nine individuals referred from Africa three quarters of them were female. Either as minors or as adults.

That is four out of five adult instances of trafficking in the African community was a woman, and where children were involved a rough marker was two out of every three instances of ‘trafficking in minors’ were girls.

Churches Together in England has just launched a new initiative to address the wider impacts of Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking in our wider communities.  In a project being driven forward by  Dr Carrie Pemberton Ford (from the Centre on Applied Research on Human Trafficking) churches in the Pentecostal tradition, are being invited to take part in a nationwide survey on their encounter with Human Trafficking, both here and in their wider international networks.  Of particular interest in this project, is to understand the impact on women and the girl-child in our local, faith and Transnational communities – and to look at some of the ways in which our churches might redress some of the challenges which are currently leading to the exploitation and violence against women which is being currently endured.

And of course it isn’t just women, men and boys from Africa are involved. Across the globe trafficking is a form of super exploitation which is undermining our hopes to building a fairer, more just world for all, and for expressing the hope that Christ brings to all of us, to love our neighbours as ourselves, and to treat everybody with justice, kindness and respect.  Last year across Britain over 2,300 people were reported as having been trafficked for exploitation in the sex industry, in labour exploitation, in various forms of child exploitation as well as in Domestic Servitude.

BE A Part of the change

Have you any tool-kits, great examples of good practice in building Human Trafficking resilience in your community? We would love to hear from you – jump onto our Facebook page to share or drop an email across to our research team lead by Dr Carrie Pemberton Ford

Have you developed liturgical resources, hymns, prayers, sermon ideas which can assist other ministries as sister congregations seek to come up to speed with the best examples of response being pioneered by sister congregations?  We all need each other’s help in this area which is only now being understood in terms of its reach, presence, and exploitative power.    Again don’t hesitate to share these on the closed Facebook page where we plan for a rich conversation to develop.

Would you like to host a meeting, a small seminar, or be part of one of the larger regional meetings being planned for Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester or Leeds in the coming weeks.  Keep yourself up to date by checking the CTE web site hub page or looking at the Facebook page.

We are seeking to understand what the experience of our churches, our wider membership and our leadership is of Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery as it impacts on our wider communities.  So PLEASE be a part of the change and take the 10 minute survey we have built – to bring as many voices as we can to the table.   And once you have taken in remember to SHARE the love and send the survey link to other church members, leaders, and colleagues. 

We are walking fast to get up to speed with the challenge, thank you for your participation, and your prayers and your contribution – Take the survey NOW!  

15 February 2016 

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