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the EU Referendum June 23rd 

Here are various resources about the forthcoming Referendum on June 23rd 2016. The list is not in any priority order and is being augmented as more resources are available. The aim is to resource groups of churches facilitating debate.

Conference of European Churches: open letter

EU Focus: website hosted by Christians in Politics, from all parties and for all denominations, including guidelines for holding hustings Bishop Innes from the Anglican Diocese of Europe speaking to Christians of all denominations

Premier Radio debate: between Christian leaders who take different view. ('Premier' is a Body in Association of CTE)

Re-Imagining Europe: Blog from the Church of England and Church of Scotland, with the editorial support of Crucible

Think, Pray Vote: Introduction article from the Joint Public Issues Team representing Baptist, Church of Scotland, Methodist and United Reformed Church.

Think, Pray, Vote: Resources from the Joint Public Issues Team

Church of England Prayer: for the Referendum

'Why Should Christians Care About The EU Referendum?' article from Premier

Should we leave the European Union? article from the Evangelical Alliance (Note also links to related articles)

World Council of Churches re European Identity: Panel discussion fielding ideas

The EU Referendum: How should we decide? E181 from Grovebooks £3.95 in print and PDF

Extra Web Resources re EU Referendum from Grovebooks: supplement material relating to E181 above

The EU Debate and the Gospel PDF: Address by Revd Dr Keith Clements, at Faith in Europe AGM 2016 

Thinking Creatively about Europe PDF: Address by Rt Rev and Rt Hon Rowan Williams at Faith in Europe AGM 2015

Sermon at Europe Day Service PDF: Very Revd Dr John Arnold, Vice President Faith in Europe May 2016

Together for the Common Good: reports and videos of presentations for and against from 11th May

Kirby Laing Inst for Christian Ethics EU coverage: publications, articles and talks

God and the EU: Faith in the European Project: book by Jonathan Chaplin and Gary Wilton. Routledge 2016.

Christian Action,Research and Education (CARE) resources and MP views on both sides of the debate

World Prayer Centre: encouraging Christians to pray with the theme 'Every Vote Counts'

Electoral Commission Voting Guide: PDFs from the independant Electoral Commission

For general reference visit the BBC website:

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