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to meet global anti-poverty goals 

In response to the UK Government’s outline to meet the Sustainable Development Goals, Christian Aid’s Senior Adviser on Poverty and Inequality Helen Dennis said:
“Christian Aid welcomes today’s publication of the UK Government’s much-anticipated report on how it will put in to action the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), both here in the UK and internationally.
“The SDGs were agreed at the UN in 2015 by world leaders, including the former Prime Minister David Cameron. They represent a potentially transformative agenda for tackling poverty, inequality and environmental challenges, including climate change. These goals are a rallying call and an opportunity for the UK Government to add some more meat to the bones of its ‘Global Britain’ vision, which was outlined again by the Prime Minister Theresa May yesterday.”
The SDGs compel all countries to act, both at home and abroad, to tackle poverty, climate change, gender inequality and many other issues between now and 2030. They cover a huge range of issues, from the humanitarian crises in East Africa, to tackling tax dodging and any future post-Brexit trade deals. Meeting the SDGs will require all UK Government departments to prioritise them in their single departmental plans.
Ms Dennis added: “We are pleased that the report makes a start on some of the areas of work that will be needed to meet the goals. We look forward to seeing more detail from all Government departments in the coming months.
“As the SDGs were decided, world leaders agreed that they would be about ‘going beyond business as usual’. We hope that all UK Government Ministers will be excited by the potential of these goals, and use them to deliver transformational change for people and planet, both internationally and here in the UK.
“As UK parliamentarians have recommended, we urge the UK Government to step up at the UN in 2018, and report how they are working to meet these important goals, and what further work is being planned to deliver them.”

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(30 March 2017)

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