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AGM Report 

It's not often this website shares an AGM report, but this illustrates what goes on across England and we at CTE like to acknowledge and celebrate:   


The CTC Executive continues to oversee and offer guidance to the thirty-eight CT Groups operating within the county of Cornwall.  It also organises successfully the joint insurance cover through the affiliation to CTC of joint services, events and activities carried out by Churches Together Groups.
The Executive continues to provide a link with Churches Together activities locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, through its affiliation with Churches Together in England. The County Ecumenical Missioner has taken an active role in this. The work of the Executive is guided by the DEO’s (Denominational Ecumenical Officers) who have met quarterly during the year.
The CTC Executive members organized two Day Conferences – One East of the County and one West. The first conference was held at Saltash Baptist Church on 20th June 2016 with the second having the same agenda, held at Camborne Elim Church on 26th November 2016. Over 170 people attended these conferences from at least 12 different traditions. 
Statements and comments offered by delegates on - Which part of the day was most helpful and why?

The highlight for many was the panel of four, Bishop Tim Thornton, Rev Steve Wild, Rev Richard Curnow, Rev Matt Noble, each from a different Christian tradition, who shared with delegates their personal understanding of what we mean by ‘The Holy Spirit.”    Delegates comments shared were as follows:-

Thornton and WildTo hear our Church Leaders offer their perspective from four different denominations was very informative. It was great to hear what is going on throughout the Duchy and wonderful to hear four men of God showing their understanding of the Holy Spirit with balanced viewpoints in easily accessible form. This was a great example of unity. It was inspirational. Being together and feeling how the Spirit is moving in our community.  So encouraging.  Thanks for a wonderful day.   Very meaningful, personal and thought-provoking. Meeting other Christians and hearing from leaders of different denominations from within the audience. The Holy Spirit session was open and honest.  This gave an insight into free church theory and practice.  Bishop Tim's session, honest and thought provoking - our Christian unity and diversity.  Being inspired by our journey in faith - wherever we worship/live/work.    We witnessed a strong expression of unity. This whole session was honest, interesting and informative.
Churches Together projects - information and sharing the faith
We really enjoyed today’s programme.  Well run with keeping to time.  Nice hot pasties! I loved the whole day.  To see the Church unite for Cornwall is amazing. Thanks to all the speakers and organisers - much appreciated.  It was a most interesting day.  Thank you. Hearing about Churches Together Projects. Hearing people's opinions of Churches Together helped understand mindset and approach.  Lunch and networking.  Hearing what other CT groups are doing.

Cornwall CT discussion 2017Good to worship in different ways & meet so many different people.   Celebration with worship.  Being together from different walks of life.   CT projects to identify new ways of working together.   Networking lunch - it was all good or very good.  Variety of sessions and approaches was good.    Equipping of worship leaders.    Meeting one to one, but needed to follow on with practical, small group discussions.  Testimonies and the threads of the father’s heart throughout the day in all the sessions.
Throughout the year, the Landevennec Group have met to reformat the pamphlet and prepare for the next pilgrimage of 32 planned for Sunday 7th – Friday 12th May 2017.

PS Additional information since the AGM, planning a National Beacon Event with Thy Kingdom Come, a pentecost Service at Gwennap Pit, Busveal, Redruth Sunday 4th June 2017. Download a Poster.

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