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'We are One in Christ'

We are One 2017-6WEB

prayer walk in Manchester 10th June 2017 

Charles Parker writes:

Christians from all over Greater Manchester came together for a great walk of witness though the cities of Salford and Manchester on Saturday 10th June, to proclaim that what unites us as Christians is greater than what divides us into our different denominations. Anglicans, Methodists, Roman Catholics, Baptists, Copts, Pentecostalists and members of the Salvation Army and other movements gathered for a service in Salford Cathedral (RC) then processed though Salford to Manchester holding banners proclaiming "We are ONE in Christ" and "One Lord Jesus" with many people carrying plackards proclaiming the titles of Jesus, eg "King of Kings" (each with a scipture reference).

This was organised by members of the Maranatha Community, a scattered community of Christians from all traditions who are committed to Unity, Renewal and Healing, and which encourages its members to be more effective Christians wherever they worship, live and work. The planning was started and the date booked over a year ago, and it was unfortunate that the day started with heavy rain which meant that there were fewer participants than in the similar walks in 2000 and 2009.  However the fact that it came just 3 weeks after the MEN Arena bomb, meant that several hundred people took part and we were blessed with dry air for most of the walk and the open air worship in Cathedral Gardens, where God's blessing was proclaimed over the city.We are One 2017-5WEB

The walk concluded with a service in Manchester Cathedral during which Roger Sutton, leader of Gather Network, challenged us to do more in forging friendships across denominational boundaries, working together to speak with one voice and coordinating christian action. Other speakers included John Arnold - RC Bishop of Salford, David Walker - Anglcan Bishop of Manchester, James Aladiran - Prayer Storm, John Manwell - Maranatha Community; and prayers were led by Andrew Lunn - Chairman of Manchester and Stockport Methodist District.

A summary video can be seen on the Maranatha Community website

and on YouTube


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