Holy Habits Holy Habits

Missional Discipleship Resources for Churches, edited by Andrew Roberts, Neil Johnson & Tom Milton

Holy Habits is an adventure in Christian discipleship: an exciting new resource based on Luke's delightful portrait of the early church in Acts 2:42-47. The esteemed biblical commentator C.K. Barrett believed that Luke offered this portrait as a model for the church to imitate and that the ten practices - or habits - he describes in Acts 2 are as relevant and potentially transformational today as they were for the early church.

Wide-ranging and imaginative, Holy Habits consists of an Introductory Guide and ten booklets, on for each of the habits. Over 200 people have contributed to the series to provide stimulating, creative ideas to appeal across all generations. From Worship and Prayer, through Serving to Fellowship and Breaking Bread, there are materials to help churches and groups explore the habits and, more importantly, live them out in practice.

Andrew Roberts, author of the book Holy Habits (Malcolm Down Publishing, 2016) and one of the editors of the series, says: 'Our ultimate aim is to make new disciples of Jesus and to deepen the discipleship of those who are already following him. Discipleship is at the forefront of the thinking of all the major Christian denominations at the moment and is arguably the most important thing for us to engage with and resource. If our discipleship is not healthy, everything else will struggle as well.'

'This isn't about exploring a habit for two months and then just forgetting about it,' says Roberts, 'so we offer materials and resources to help people think about how they can sustain this over a lifetime and how they can go further and deeper in their thinking about the habit and their living of it.... Our hope is that we will see the culture of the church renewed and day-by-day we will see new people being added to the community of Jesus.... This is about a godly, Spirit-filled way of living. Let God be at the heart of all this, let this be centred on Jesus, let this be Spirit-filled and let's see where the adventure takes us.'

After an initial two-year development in the Birmingham Methodist Circuit, Holy Habits is also being piloted in Bristol, Romsey and Dudley. Hundreds of people are already involved and church leaders in all the main denominations are expressing interest. For further information and orders, go to brfonline.org.uk/holy-habits.

Launch events will be held in Selly Oak (27 January 2018), Bristol (10 February 2018) and Wolverhampton (28 April 2018). Andrew Roberts will also be speaking at all four weeks of Spring Harvest 2018. There are plans to develop a new Holy Habits website with a range of videos and links to other resources, organisations and churches.

Review copies for press and media will be available in early January.

For further information, please contact Eley McAinsh (Tel: 01865 319708) or Andrew Roberts at holyhabits@btinternet.com. For trade information, please contact Judith Moore or order at christian.orders@marston.co.uk

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