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Articles re 'Responding to the Reformation' conference.

John Bolger writes:

In the current, December 2017 issue of One in Christ we are  pleased to publish the principal contributions to the CTE Conference, 'Responding to the Reformation'. Assembling such a range of Conference contributors is an achievement in itself; and their various perspectives represent the constant concerns of One in Christ.

Articles include:
Orthodox Reflections on the Reformation and its Legacy. Andrew Louth.
Report: 'Responding to the Reformation: Swanwick 16th-18th Oct 2017'. Dudley Coates.
Witnessing to Interchurch Marriege. Helen and Richard Connell.
Reforming the Church Today: A Theological Idea in a Secular Age? Jeremy Worthen.
Remembering: Living with the Legacy of the Reformation. Mark D Chapman.
Responding to the Reformation: A Biblical Approach. Nicholas King. SJ.

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