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Lecture on Modern Slavery - 11th November 

trafficking lectureIn 2017, Churches Together in England (CTE) published a report about human trafficking, Behind Closed Doors, written by Dr Carrie Pemberton Ford.

As CTE we continue to assist in raising awareness about what the churches are doing in the area of human trafficking and modern slavery, and therefore share news of this upcoming lecture taking place in Cambridge on 11th November...


The Inaugural Annual CCARHT sponsored Thomas Clarkson Lecture
Modern Slavery, Human Trafficking, Contemporary Chattelage: What’s in a Name?

Date: Monday 11th November 2019, 5-7pm

Location: Old Divinity School, St John's College University of Cambridge, Saint John’s Street, Cambridge, CB2 1TP.

You are cordially alerted to the inaugural Thomas Clarkson lecture convened by the Cambridge Centre of Applied Research in Human Trafficking.

With former US global Ambassador countering Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Luis C de Baca (Yale University), Caroline Haughey QC (Furnival Chambers, London) and Dr Simon Stockley Entrepreneurship and Business (Judge Business School).

As Essex Police and the flotilla of forces in the UK, Border force, MI6 and a plethora of international partnerships are mobilised to bring to justice those responsible for the refrigerated trailer in which 39 South East Asians died, we invite you to a Big and Contemporarily resonant conversation responding to inhibited Global Human Movements exploited by Organised Crime groups, their brokers, their transport suppliers, and their customers, in a multitude of different forms.

The BIG conversation for this inaugural Thomas Clarkson lecture is the semiotics of enslavement and contemporary exploitation. What is meant when we say Human Trafficking, or Migrant Smuggling? What is conveyed by Modern Slavery or Contemporary Chattelage? How do we maintain the human rights of those exploited whilst closing down the illicit businesses which drive those looking for a future and financial hope into the domain of organised crime and different levels of exploitation and dis-empowerment?

The concerns of eighteenth-century researcher Thomas Clarkson (St John’s College) – as he wrote his blistering attack on the TransAtlantic Slave trade of his day – were to confront attitudes, and business interests. Significantly Clarkson’s essential work on deconstructing politically and economically the TransAtlantic Slave trade with the work of the Abolition of Slavery Committee, was informed by the deaths of over 130 Africans, who were murdered by their transportation crew, thrown overboard because of poor planning and logistics in November 1781.

There is a persistent narrative of harm which Thomas Clarkson and Granville Sharpe also encountered in their research and lobbying against the TransAtlantic trade in enslaved labour. Dynamics and circumstances have changed, nationalities and end deployment are hugely diversified from the plantation focussed, state-sanctioned slavery of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. But there are features of this narrative which are constant. The inhumanity, the commodification, the carelessness, the brutalisation of the journey, the perverse business model, corrupted interests in elements of state, commercial and consumer complicity, resulting in the derogation of human rights. And tragically from time to time disastrous, tragic, horrific loss of life.

CCARHT has brought together three voices from different perspectives to wrestle with the terms in currency to describe the condition of labour (criminal as well as ‘commercially licit’ ), sexual and domestic servitude, cultivation of prohibited drugs, which finds millions of people in thrall, and through the smuggling routes deployed internationally for those seeking to access closed borders, the loss of thousands of lives each year. We look forward to seeing you with us at this opportunity for exchange and developing ‘step change’ called for by Dame Sara Thornton the Anti-Slavery Commissioner – so desperately required.

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