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Prayer-2020-Logo-small (002)Praying together in 2020

Pray in 2020 on the 20th of each month at 20:20 for 20 minutes. This is the invitation from HOPE Together to Christians of all denominations.
HOPE’s executive director Roy Crowne says, “Through Prayer 2020 we are asking God to work through all that is done in 2020 – personal witness; church outreach plans in villages, towns and cities; stadium events – evangelisation in all its many forms. Already this is catching the imagination of Christians around the world. 2020 is such a significant year and Prayer 2020 will be a key part of the year.”
In 2020, churches and ministries are working together for an intentional, strategic and Spirit-filled year of mission across the UK called Advance 2020. HOPE Together is one of the major partners alongside many others.
“We want to see the gift of the evangelist released to equip the whole people of God as witnesses, so the people we love and pray for, who don’t yet know Jesus, can have an opportunity to hear about him in relevant ways and respond,” says Roy.
Rev Canon Yemi Adedeji, HOPE’s associate director says, “Let’s start the year with prayer and continue to pray alone, in twos and threes, and as churches or groups of churches praying for more fruit in evangelism.”
Prayer 2020 bookmarks and business cards are available to remind you to pray – they are ideal inserts for Christmas cards!
In the New Year, HOPE Together will be providing more Prayer 2020 resources that churches can use: a video to inspire prayer, monthly reminders on social media, plus suggestions for prayers to pray.
Visit the Prayer 2020 web page.
HOPE Spaces – prayer spaces in community places
Alongside Prayer 2020, HOPE Together is encouraging churches to host HOPE Spaces – prayer spaces in community places.
HOPE Spaces were devised by HOPE Together’s assistant director Dr Rachel Jordan-Wolf. She said, “The Talking Jesus research tells us that 41% of practising Christians say that a spiritual experience or an experience of the love of Jesus was a key influence in their coming to faith. The HOPE Spaces project began as a response to the question: ‘How can we help more non-Christians experience God for themselves?’”
HOPE Together is working with 24-7 Prayer to invite churches to create HOPE Spaces where people can pray and experience God for themselves. Rachel added, “Any church or group of local churches could run a HOPE Space, in a village high street, an empty shop or a church building.
“Several cathedrals are interested in getting involved,” says Rachel, “as they are such natural places of prayer for a wide range of people, many who aren’t practising Christians. But they need something big, to work in their huge spaces. In response to this the HOPE prayer wall was created.”
The HOPE wall was first used in Durham Cathedral as part of Durham’s Lumiere Festival. Many people prayed for the first time using specially-designed HOPE prayer cards. The HOPE Wall is now touring the country as part of the HOPE Spaces prayer project.
Visit the Hope Spaces web page
Find out more on the HOPE Together website

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