Memorial stone with message In loving memoryLoss and Hope - new bereavement support 

Resources to help churches of all denominations support the bereaved have been developed by a coalition of organisations under the banner of Loss and Hope

Loss and Hope was launched before ‘lockdown’ on 5 March. However, as the coronavirus crisis has developed the need for the project’s resources has become even more pressing. It is a partnership of, Care for the Family, HOPE Together and the Church of England

One of the CTE Presidents, Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby said: “Over the last few years in this country, there has been a real opening up of conversations about bereavement in our society… As a result, increasing numbers of people are likely to reach out for help to process loss – and this is presenting the Church with a special opportunity for outreach to our communities.” 

Loss and Hope has shared this short video with immediate guidance for anyone who is supporting someone who is recently bereaved.  

Loss and Hope also draws on the comprehensive resources at , a charity run by Revd Canon Yvonne Richmond Tulloch. Canon Tulloch cautions churches “We mustn’t fall into the trap of thinking we’ve got the subject covered just because we once had training. The conversation is evolving.” 

To help churches offer relevant support, Loss and Hope is offering training to enable members to support bereaved individuals in their own communities. Based on the “The Bereavement Journey” course, which was originally developed by HTB, people will get skilled up to guide people through the course either online, or face-to-face when that becomes possible once again.   

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