Preparing for when church buildings re-open

Having 'climbed the mountain of lockdown', our minds are now beginning to turn to what it will look like when we start 'coming down', slowly and carefully, with much to consider. On this page you will find reflections and guidance from churches, starting with a document provided by the United Reformed Church, which is comprehensive and helpful for all churches to consider.
We do not yet have a definite time for church buildings to re-open, and we must stress that guidance here on the CTE website is for English churches only. Devolved Administrations in Scotland, Wales and Norther Ireland are following similar but not identical patterns of re-opening society and the economy.

Ready for the new normal URC
Ready for the new "normal"

The United Reformed Church, one of CTE's Member Churches, has produced a helpful guidance document encouraging churches to consider key questions for when the lockdown starts to ease, including: what must resume, what shouldn't resume, and what might we do differently? 

Access the resource Ready for the New "Normal" on the URC website.

Everybody welcome to the futurEveryone Welcome to the Future

Everyone Welcome to the Future, published on May 28th, aims to help churches make the most of opportunities to connect with people online.

Supported by Durham University Centre for Digital Theology and CPAS, the team explain on their website: "There are a lot of new online churchgoers - the document tries to work out how many. Then it suggests how to welcome people into church and faith today, and how to plan for a mixed in-person-online church future. Lockdown and online give us a unique opportunity to re-think and re-grow our churches."

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