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Baptist Petition video stillChurch leaders launch petition on racial inequality 

Church leaders have launched a petition calling for the government to implement the recommendations of a number of reviews into the treatment of people of colour in our nation. The group of black Christian leaders represents many church denominations, and was brought together by Rev Yinka Oyekan, the President of CTE Member Church the Baptist Union.
The petition reads…

 Implement recommendations from previous reports into racial inequality in the UK

From the current health crisis to workplaces to the Windrush scandal there have been many reviews and enquiries into racial inequality. All have come forward with recommendations to tackle racial inequality and these recommendations should be implemented.
Without implementation there will continue to be inequalities that affect people from a BAME background in many areas of their lives and also throughout their lives. Inaction perpetuates racism and the government of this country has the power to make positive changes by implementing the recommendations from reviews that the government itself commissioned. Surely that is the point of such reviews?

 In a video encouraging churches to get behind the petition, church leaders say:

“Following the tragic events surrounding George Floyd and the subsequent awakening of many to the continuing discrimination and racism that people of colour face in the UK, a group of black leaders from across the country, representing many denominations and none, pulled together by the Baptist Union President, looked at ways of showing solidarity against the real injustices experienced by people of colour in our communities.
“Petitioning the Government is one of those ways.
“The Core Leadership team of the Baptist Union also believe that this is a petition worth support, as do other denominational leaders including black majority denominations. We are encouraging everyone to support this petition and we are asking pastors to make it accessible to all members who might wish to stand in solidarity.
“The petition calls for the government to implement the recommendations of a number of reviews into the treatment of people of colour in our nation.
“Many individuals, as well as denominations, want to make a practical difference. We believe this will give all people of God, from every denomination, the opportunity to do just that.
“We have until the beginning of January to make this petition stand, and so it is urgent that you sign it now. If enough people sign it, then it will get this petition debated in parliament.”
Sign the petition here.

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