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Doorstep CarolsCarols from north Birmingham to your doorstep

Churches Together in Banners Gate, Boldmere and Wylde Green, near Sutton Coldfield, invite you and your neighbours to join them at a virtual Carol Service on Monday 21 December at 8 pm. The Minister of Chester Road Baptist Church, Danny Brierly, explains...

As we emerge from lockdown 2.0 and into the probability of further localised restrictions, this Christmas will be like no other. Instead of inviting people to our usual Carol Services, with no singing, no mince pies, and no nativities, we thought, let's save Christmas! Let’s all sing Christmas Carols with our neighbours, socially-distanced from our doorsteps. And  let's do it together on Monday 21st December at 8 pm. 

This has been a tough year. We all need a bit of faith, hope and love. Whether people have much, little or no faith, on this darkest and longest of nights, we can all light a candle, wave a torch, and remember, Light wins!

On the night we’ll play the Carols from our website, so anyone with an Internet-enabled device can join in. Whilst we have planned this for our part of the Promised Land that is north Birmingham, churches and communities across the country can also adopt it as their own. This is a Christmas event that is simple, free, Covid-secure and weather-proof. What’s not to like?

Our shared call to go and make disciples

We’re not alone in singing Carols on the doorstep. There are various versions out there this year (See Carols on the Doorstep). Our aim has been to help participating churches and their members connect well with their neighbourhoods and neighbours. Instead of having the usual dozen Carol Services, we’re hoping for hundreds, if not thousands, as individuals host their own from their doorsteps.

The initiative come out of Churches Together in Banners Gate, Boldmere and Wylde, Green, and area of Sutton Coldfield in north Birmingham. We’re the usual eclectic mix of Anglican, Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, URC, and Vineyard churches. We used to think we as a local Churches Together group were there to help our members gain a better appreciation of each other. Now, we realise, as Churches Together, we exist to do together what we can’t do as individual churches on our own. And that’s principally area-wide mission. When we serve together in mission our focus shifts away from what divides us back on to what unites us: our shared call to go and make disciples.

We’re excited about the potential of Pray for us. Sing with us.

Churches interested in singing Doorstep Carols with their neighbourhoods on the 21st December should contact me, Rev Danny Brierly, by email.  


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