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“Embracing digital tools to build community”

A new event taking place next week is inviting churches across the UK to upskill and innovate using digital and online tools.
Elim Pentecostal Church has over 550 churches across the country and is running the free event inspired by lessons learned during Covid-19. 
The Elim Digital Conference, the first of its kind for the denomination, is inviting churches of all traditions to watch the event on Wednesday 17th February from 9am to 9pm on the Elim Facebook and YouTube channels. 
Sessions will include how to use digital tools to build community, how to take worship and prayer online, and livestreaming (beginner and advanced).
Chris Cartwright, Elim’s General Superintendent, said:
“I’m really looking forward to this new and outstanding initiative. I believe this free conference will be really significant, both as a resource and also as an indicator of the vast opportunities that digital engagement offers for the church in the coming season.”
In the first lockdown, church buildings were asked to close their doors to the public. This resulted in church leaders, many for the first time, embracing livestreaming to broadcast their services and to connect with people in their homes. 
Across many churches, leaders have reported that using digital has opened up new ways to not only engage with churchgoers, but also with those searching and discovering faith, often for the first time. This has included churches using the tool ‘Alpha Online’ to invite seekers to a course on Zoom exploring the core foundational aspects of the Christian faith. 
Those who have felt lonely and isolated in the pandemic have been able to watch services livestreamed to their computer, tablet or television, and take part in sung worship and listen to the sermon, despite not being able to gather in person. 
The use of digital tools and social media to engage with church communities during the global pandemic, has created a thirst for more learning opportunities to explore how the latest technology, often at people’s fingertips and readily available, can be used to build community, as well as in evangelism and discipleship.
A range of guest speakers from across Elim and other churches in the UK will be taking part in the Elim Digital Conference, sharing their expert advice and the lessons they have learned.
Sessions during the conference include:

  • Livestreaming (beginner to advanced) 
  • Using social media for your church 
  • How to use Facebook and Google Ads 
  • Embracing digital tools to build community 
  • How to take prayer online 
  • Carrying out kids work and youth work online 
  • Integrating digital as part of your church vision 
  • How to take worship online 
  • A live digital surgery with an expert panel 
  • And much more 

Jason Ham, conference organiser, said:
“The use of digital and online tools is part of the fabric of our everyday life. It’s the way we communicate with others and the way we live our life. During Covid-19, churches have embraced the online space in exciting and new ways and as we look to the year ahead, it’s an opportunity to look strategically and creatively at how we can embed digital into our activities and events as churches. All church leaders and technical teams are invited to join us for this insightful and interesting day-long event”.
For more information about the event and programme visit 

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