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The last year has been difficult for many with considerable isolation and loneliness experienced across the country, as well as a significant rise in people experiencing mental health issues. In one survey*, taken at the end of last year,  one in four UK adults, told researchers they were feeling lonely. 

Premier, the national Christian multi-media organisation, has launched Call5, a campaign to encourage everyone to use the telephone to contact those who might be in need of someone to talk to.

Call5 is a simple scheme where individuals sign up and commit to call five people they know. Although this is primarily a telephone-based project, it also includes contact through Skype, FaceTime, text, email or whatever the preferred contact method is for the people involved.

'Why “Call5”?  We have five digits on each hand - looking at our hands is an easy reminder to call, by allocating a person to each digit.  For the enthusiastic, there is always a second hand to use to identify five more people to call,' says the Director for Premier Lifeline, Jonathan Clark.

Sign up to be part of the Call5 movement

Premier has also launched Call and Care, which is free video training for churches to equip their volunteers to offer telephone support to those in need in their community.

*Survey from the Mental Health Foundation, November 2020.



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