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Embracing the Other 


Welcome to this course called Embracing the Other.

Embracing the Other is a resource for Receptive Ecumenism produced by a team served by Churches Together in England. It is free for anyone to use. It is intended for groups of people, perhaps from different church traditions.

This is the homepage for the course with information for enquirers, facilitators and participants.

Here is a short promotional video by Ruth Bottoms which introduces this course for enquirers.

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Here is a further introductory video by Callan Slipper, with two reasons why you might consider doing the course.

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For more information about Receptive Ecumenism use the link here.

Two ways to run the course

This course is very flexible. There are two main ways in which it could be run. 

Stand-alone Session
The Stand-alone Session gives an introduction to Receptive Ecumenism and an opportunity to practise it. There are activities, discussion and prayer elements and it may be run as a day, or half-day conference. Alternatively, the course can be spread over five sessions as below. Material is provided for both options.

Five-Session course
Session 1: 'Presenting Receptive Ecumenism' is an introduction that includes a welcome, 'getting to know you', setting the scene, some images to discuss. 

Session 2: 'Giving an account of the hope that is in us' includes prayer, reading, a video and discussion about the hope we have as Christians and churches in the quest for unity.

Session 3: 'Learning to Listen' helps us to hear one another deeply. It includes a video about when we are not listened to well, a discussion, readings, another video about times when Christians have been listened to well, an exercise and prayer.

Session 4: 'Listening to Learn' offers a chance to use our listening skills to understand each other's traditions and experiences. It includes prayer, sharing, a video, reading and discussion groups.

Session 5: 'Being the Branches of the Vine' concludes the course. It is a multimedia approach and looks to how we can use the insights gained by Receptive Ecumenism in the future.

General information

  1. The course is free to use.
  2. There is no need to register.
  3. The logo is copyright free for use in publicity.
  4. The course is flexible so use it as you wish.
  5. If you have any questions or comments, email CTE


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