Web ready pictures - free for churches to use

Paying for copyright on photographs, graphics and images can be costly. Many churches and charities use pictures copied off the internet - but this can lead to a bill for several hundred pounds per photograph if an electronic search picks up that you have a picture with no purchased license agreement. For all sorts of reasons, anyone running a website needs to have copyright cover or use their own photographs. See CTE Feature paper 'Alert - Photo and image copyright compliance' here.


As a result of the above, the CTE website is self sufficient for photographs. Further, as a service to the wider church, we want to make our photographs available. The photographs on this page are copyright free if churches and charities wish to use them. They have been supplied by members - and known personal contacts - of staff at CTE. Web managers for local churches and churches together groups can use these pictures without having to ask for permission. Acknowledgement is appreciated but not required.


Use these pictures if they are helpful. They are not in any priority order. To use an image, right click / copy and paste in a convenient place for your own web software to upload. Each image here has already been re-sized and compressed to be web ready and quick to upload.


Churches Together in England cannot be held responsible for the way in which pictures are used. They are here provided in good faith that they will be used responsibly and without commercial gain. They are for churches to use. All photographs have been taken in a public place and permission has been provided when required.



100517 045 1234 2trapeze 2windows 3 guitars 3 shells 3doors 4 bus seats aandh jump also
anchor base guitar bdgmirror beach family beach horse beacon lighting bell bell and friar bell no clapper bench
 bewarewaves  bike on leaves 2  bill board  blessing  block  blue glass roof  blue man  blue white dome  bluetrapeze  boat reflection
 butterfly  boatpetal  boats following footprints2
 bollard  boy in water  brickwall  bright squares  britveg  workmen lorry
 candle 3 flames  canoes  carpet feet  carpet squares  cctv  ch  lights  chapel plaque  open hands 1 2  church close  Church leaders
 open hands  closed  clouds  columns  comp keyboard  compass  conference group  connections  convoy  coracle
 coracle 2  wont be long  corridor  Cov Unity arms raised  Cov Unity Cap and program  kfs  Cov Unity dance 1  Cov Unity Gospel choir  Cov Unity leaders  Cov Unity organist
 crane  cranefamily  creed church sign  Cross  cross in fire  CTE logo and text colour  declaration  departure  dial  doorcross
 drinks  DSCN0104  dukeball  east window  endline  exhausteddog  feeding ducks  feetwater  firework  Footpath sign
 footprints  funcartfuncart  getready  go do likewise  godlooking  grab  group hug  gull banner  hands cradle  hands
 hangers  harmony unity  heart rug  help point  hedgechurch  HSboard  houses banner  knocker  ice window  lego bricks
 IMG0329  IMG0384  IMG9828  IMGP0626  IMGP2781  inatwist  ipics101211 010  ipics101211 380  jar of beans  jubilee
 knifefork  knocker  ladder  lifering  look  looking  boat tow  lovework  mag class  makedisc
 man on tube reading  mindthegap  mirror  moving pipes  one baptism  nozzles  one faith  oranges lemons  orangewheels  passing Jesus
 path  phone numbers  pianokeys  playground  Pointing  poppy field  portaloos  pots  power lines  power
 puddle refection  pulpitcar  purple boat  purple petals  red spot light  redshoes  resue helicopter  ripples  round  rowing
 rowtogether  sailship  School hall  science  scones  seagull  shadow with bike  shadows  sheep  dukeball
 signpost  skycross  sold  speedo  stacked chairs  stair well  start point cross  stop man  stoplooklisten  stopstart
 sunset  survey  Telephone  towing  track  traffic  trolleys  trumpet  upthewall  Cov Unity congregation
 walk  watch on Bible  waterbottles  waterfront  wedding tractor  wellies  wheel  wheel hub  whiteumbrellas  windows


PDF CTE logo. For a PDF of the CTE logo (no words) for printing, banners, etc click here.


Alert re copyright. A CTE mailing on 06.07.12: Alert - Photo and image copyright compliance paper here.


Copyright information. A website about the rights of stock photo supplies is: www.stockphotorights.com


'Creative Commons' mechanism for photo sharing and simple protocol to use copyright free images: www.creativecommons.org


Freefoto. An independant photographer with good links to CTE: www.freefoto.com



Jim Currin, 19/06/2012
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