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children tapestryCTE used to make available a safeguarding checklist but as this area is constantly evolving, the advice we have now been given is that we should have as little as possible here, not least because policies are always evolving and web-pages can become ‘frozen’.

The abiding principle

Most importantly, Single Congregation Local Ecumenical Partnerships should choose to use the policy of one of the participating denominations. Do not attempt to cobble something together yourself!

This principle may be applied to other circumstances where congregations, for whatever reason, require a shared safeguarding policy. If in doubt, whether it is for an LEP or not, ask the National Ecumenical Officers by following the advice in the second paragraph of this page.

Safeguarding websites

Other denominations tend to use the Churches Agency on Safeguarding and Thirtyone:eight (formerly Churches' Child Protection Advisory Service).

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