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Media resources for the course 

This is the place to find media resources that accompany the course in Receptive Ecumenism called Embracing the Other. The resources include videos, images, and a sound file, as indicated in the Facilitator's Guide.

All resources are copyright free and provided for use in discussion groups during this course. 


These are all hosted on the Vimeo channel of Churches Together in England and are here listed by description and a direct link in order in which they are intended to be used. The online version of Facilitator Guides also have direct links at the relevant place.  

Course Promotion:

2 Reasons for doing the course:

Giving an account of the hope that is in us:

When not being listened to well:

Learning to Listen:

Listening to Learn:


These images are large and live on this page if discussion is round an tablet. Alternatively, right click and 'download as a picture' if to be used in a PowerPoint for projection.

Alternatively, download a prepared PowerPoint of these images

The church as a building:

Large swiss house


The church as a garden:



Well tended garden

The church as a body:

EtO body

Sound file

The sound file recorded to accompany the course has been written as a radio report: link here 

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