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'Woe is me' Gathered and Scattered

George MacLeod, from a sermon 1944:

When we realise
that all our scientific discoveries
are sacramental unveilings of the Body of our Lord:
when we realise
that we cannot lift a stone to build a fortification
but the presence of God moves in us to occupy the hole that we have made:
when we grasp
that the houses we live in
(an not just we who live in them)
are offerings for his glory:
that the food that we eat
(and not just they that eat the food)
are aspects of his presence;
when the angels reveal to us
(as science, that modern trumpet of the angels, reveals)
that 'the fullness of the whole earth is His glory'):
when we realise all that 
and grasp what we do with 
stones and iron and food and houses,
there is no other cry that can escape our lips than
'Woe is me' ...
Woe is the people among whom I live, yes:
but firstly - 'woe is me:
for I am a man of unclean lips
and mine eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts.'

Slightly adapted (e.g. 'we' instead of 'men') from a sermon of George MacLeod, of the Iona Community in 1944, quoted in Gathered and Scattered, Neil Paynter. Ionabooks 2007. Month 1 Day 24. The Iona Community is a Body in Association of CTE.

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