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Education Sunday archive

Each year material is created to support churches in their use of Education Sunday. Here you will find resources from past years which, although on a different theme, may be useful.

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Older resources:

Higher Education reflective resource (100.5KB)
Prayers (17.8KB)
All-age worship ideas (13.6KB)
Primary collective worship (24.8KB)
sermon notes final (25.1KB)
Education Sunday 2013 pdf 6.11.12 (2) (360.3KB)
Education Sunday 2013 pdf 6.11.12 (2) (360.3KB)
Education Sunday 2012 PPT as pdf (5.1MB)
All age worship 2012 (79.3KB)
Suggested hymns songs 2012 (66.4KB)
Sermon and homily notes 2012 (77.3KB)
Secondary assembly 2012 (88.1KB)
Primary assembly 2012 (87.8KB)
Education sunday leaflet 2012 (103.0KB)
Sermon or Homily notes (73.5KB)
Creative prayer ideas[1] (70.8KB)
Building on a strong foundation (13.0MB)
Suggestedhymnssongs (68.1KB)
Primaryassembly (84.1KB)
Dramasketch (74.5KB)
Allageworshipideas (71.6KB)
Education Sunday leaflet 2011 (98.8KB)
Education Sunday leaflet 2011 (98.8KB)
Education Sunday 2010 Resources Questionnaire (60.9KB)
Education Sunday 2010 Resources Questionnaire (348.0KB)
Thinking about vocation paper (494.8KB)
Primary assembly PowerPoint (5.1MB)
cartoons presentation (2.5MB)
Drama script (59.9KB)
More ideas for all-age worship (63.6KB)
Youth group session outline (65.3KB)
Secondary assembly (65.5KB)
Prayer station ideas (63.6KB)
Prayers (64.0KB)
Sermon or Homily notes (63.0KB)
Education sunday leaflet 2010 (99.4KB)
Prayer station ideas (67.5KB)
Assembly PowerPoint (8.9MB)
Education sunday leaflet 2009 (99.9KB)
Further reading (67.8KB)



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