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Intermediate Body constitutions

These are all the Intermediate Body constitutions which have been made available to CTE. If yours is missing, or if the wrong document is here, please send the correct version to Lorraine Shannon. Thank you. 

Be aware that only some of these constitutions have been accepted by the Charity Commission. If you want to check, click here. (If we know a constitution has been accepted, we've included the charity number below.) Do you need to register as a charity? The answer is here. If you are writing a constitution, click here for advice.


Bedfordshire CIO Constitution 2013 Charity No 1151495 (146.9KB)
Bedfordshire May 2010 (46.0KB)
Birmingham constitution 99 Charity No 243931 (38.0KB)
Birmingham constitution appendices 2001 (22.5KB)
Birmingham Constitution Appendix 1 MembershipMeetings 2005 (25.0KB)
Birmingham Constitution Appendix 2 Terms of Reference 2005 (81.5KB)
Birmingham roles responsibilities 99 (36.0KB)
Black Country 2006 (52.0KB)
Buckinghamshire 26 11 07 (44.5KB)
Cambridgeshire Constitution 1997 (53.9KB)
Cheshire Feb 06 Charity No 1115015 (424.5KB)
Cornwall 1996 Charity No 1053899 (38.5KB)
Cumbria Constitution as amended by resolution 27.9.2017 updated for accuracy of appendices Charity No 1147833 (229.0KB)
Devon Constitution - Revised Jan 2020 Charity No 1126079 (113.0KB)
Dorset March 2004 Charity No 1103400 (28.8KB)
East Yorkshire (KEY) October 2007 (50.5KB)
Essex & E London 2009 Charity No 1130217 (74.5KB)
GMCT Constitution 2012 Charity No 503258 (289.8KB)
Guernsey Draft Const Mar06 (54.0KB)
Herefordshire 1996 (27.0KB)
Hertfordshire Forum 2006 Charity No 1117022 (53.0KB)
Isle of Man 2000 (32.0KB)
Lancashire Council May 06 Charity No 1160021 (70.5KB)
Lancashire May 06 Charity No 1160021 (27.5KB)
Leicestershire 2010 Charity No 1139356 (55.5KB)
Lincolnshire 2017 Charity No 1173828 (4.9MB)
Lincolnshire users guide (24.0KB)
London - North Thames Constitution 2006 (60.0KB)
Merseyside Region 5.4.03 Charity No 519061 (43.0KB)
Milton Keynes 2014 Charity No 1159204 (1.4MB)
North East NECAT Amended Appendix to the Constitution 2014 (20.7KB)
North East NECAT Constitution 2014 Charity No 1157138 (426.1KB)
North York Moors 2000 (15.6KB)
Nottinghamshire May 04 (39.0KB)
Oxfordshire 2006 (35.0KB)
Shire & Soke May 2005 Charity No 1145409 (42.0KB)
Shropshire 1999 (30.0KB)
Somerset February 2018 Charity No 1133175 (75.0KB)
South London 2001 (51.0KB)
South Yorkshire Jan 03 (60.0KB)
Staffordshire & Potteries Constitution 2012 (93.5KB)
Surrey 2008 Charity No 1128458 (232.5KB)
Telford constitution 15 Oct 2010 (34.5KB)
Vale of York 2001 (31.0KB)
Warwickshire (& Coventry) 2002 amended 2011 (38.0KB)
West Yorkshire CT Constitution 25 October 2016 (274.8KB)
West Yorkshire EC 2004 Charity No 1108691 (81.0KB)
Worcestershire Constitution (35.5KB)






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